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Sunday, May 17, 2009

KAT-TUN Break the Records: Day 3

Nakamaru-kun did jump today(17th in Japan)!!!!!!!! The staff had to lower him a bit before he jumped but I think he's trying to work his way up ^_^

(still looking for ppl to load up pics)

He's been forced to do the bungee cuz I think it was in their T.V show last fall, he was suppose to bungee but he sat at the top for about 50 minutes taking up film time ^_^ (shouting, "This is SCARY!!!!!). Kame took over for him and jumped (including the time it took for him to put on safety gears, Kame jumped within 5 minutes O_0) The other 4 wouldn't stop bugging Nakamaru about it (poor guy, I'm afraid of heights too). After Kame's jump they all met up on the ground and Nakamaru was wearing his hoodie. When Kame asked why he said he has helmet head ^_^They all yelled back "Well, if you would have jumped in the first 5 minutes like Kame did then you wouldn't have helmet head!" ^_^

They like to call Kamanashi=Kame cuz Kame in Japanese means turtle and the guys find it funny calling him that. Which leads to the guys form the other groups like NewS (mostly Ryo and Yamapi) to call him that too ^_^


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