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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The fountains are fantastic!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


OMG!!!! I can't wait!!!! Kame and Jin kept joking about it during their concert ^_^ I think the #2 was the best followed by #3 then 1. The storyline is the typical high school teacher (whom has an interesting back ground) tries to straighten out a bunch of juvenile graduating kids.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So Part I on the BTR concert is over. Here is a quick cap of what happened.
Day One: Nakamaru didn't jump and Special Guest was Yamada from Hey!Say! Jump
Day Two: Nakamaru didn't jump and Special Guest was Chinen from HSJ
Day Three: Nakamaru jumped and Special Guest was Aioki from HSJ (noticed a pattern yet?)
Day Four: Nakamaru jumped and Special Guest was Hikaru from HSJ
Day Five: Nakamaru didn't jump (cuz guys made him jump from the highest level) and Yabu
Day Six: Nakamaru no jump Gueast Takaki (he's cute)
Day Seven: Nakamaru got Ueda to jump for him from the very top and Guest was Nakajima
Day Eight: Nakamaru jumped from the very top and guest was four members from Kanjani8 (Ryo-chan!!!!)

KAT-TUN will be starting their Osaka 3 days this weekend (hopefull th H1N1 will not cause a cancellation). It was also announced that they will be doing another tour (no longer called 'Break the Records') from July 20 - Aug 23 for the other major cities in Japan.

Johnny's Entertainment is gonna apply for KAT-TUN to be in the Guinness Records for beiong the first group to hold the longest amount of concert days in Tokyo Dome.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

KAT-TUN Break the Records: Day 3

Nakamaru-kun did jump today(17th in Japan)!!!!!!!! The staff had to lower him a bit before he jumped but I think he's trying to work his way up ^_^

(still looking for ppl to load up pics)

He's been forced to do the bungee cuz I think it was in their T.V show last fall, he was suppose to bungee but he sat at the top for about 50 minutes taking up film time ^_^ (shouting, "This is SCARY!!!!!). Kame took over for him and jumped (including the time it took for him to put on safety gears, Kame jumped within 5 minutes O_0) The other 4 wouldn't stop bugging Nakamaru about it (poor guy, I'm afraid of heights too). After Kame's jump they all met up on the ground and Nakamaru was wearing his hoodie. When Kame asked why he said he has helmet head ^_^They all yelled back "Well, if you would have jumped in the first 5 minutes like Kame did then you wouldn't have helmet head!" ^_^

They like to call Kamanashi=Kame cuz Kame in Japanese means turtle and the guys find it funny calling him that. Which leads to the guys form the other groups like NewS (mostly Ryo and Yamapi) to call him that too ^_^

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We've jumped over the first hurdle of the season at work so now I dedicated this day on finding out more about the KAT-TUN concert which started on Friday May 15th, Japan time.
Not sure how the concert actually will go, (still looking into it ^_^) but apparenty each night the concert will be produced by a different member and each night will have a different theme (Planets?). However, there are 10 days in Tokyo and 3 in Osaks so I don't know how the order will go and who will be producing which days. Each night they will be performing in front of 55000 people at the dome. For the entire tour they would've performed in from of 690000 people.

Kamenashi - Mercury/Water, Akanishi - Mars/Fire, Taguchi - Moon, Tanaka - Sun, Ueda - Saturn, and Nakamaru - Venus .

So far Kame and Uepi went and both nights went fairly well from the reports I've read. Nakamaru was suppose to bungee jump off the highest part of Tokyo Dome but didn't at the end. Maybe he's leaving it for the last night? Jin sang some lyrics wrong?!? For their debute song, Real Face, they switched some parts with eachother.

This is Tokyo Dome (pic is not mine stole it from someone else's page)

The circle down in the middle is a stage where they had water spouts around it. The stage is the area with the lavender neon lights. They have trollys which pushes them into the audience areas on ground level. If you YouTube: Break the Records, you can find some poorly videoed but highly appreciated FanCams of parts of the concert (filming in the concert hall is not allowed). For his solo, Kamenashi started off being in a cage wrapped in chains suspended high over the stage. Then all of a sudden he falls out of it making the entire dome scream. He appears a few seconds later in a beautiful floral kimono and starts his song, 1582. I love theat song. My next fav song is Saditic Love and White Christmas.

My little cousin is coming back to Edmonton in less than a month, can't wait!!! He's got a lot of goodies for me from Japan ^_^

KAT- TUN- Break the Record Tokyo Dome Concert [2009 05 16]

Ahhh!!! It's started!!!!! Though Nakamaru was suppose to do the bungee, he didn't. Don't really blame him. Also found some fancams vids on youtube ^_^ Kame is HOT!!! 1582

Monday, May 11, 2009


It's weird that they took clips from past PVs to make the CM

Sunday, April 26, 2009

NewS Koi No ABO

OMG! I just spat all over my key board!!! This is hilarious!!! Massu was so not following cuz he was busy shaking hands with the fans, Koyoma and Tegoshi look like girls, Pi with his 'Annie' hair, and Ryo with his hand glasses. The only one who looked 'normal' was Shige who was very focused on the dancing cuz he was having a lot of problems with it. The guys have really out done themselves this time. It's completely different from the songs they're use to doing. I'm so asking my little cousin in Japan to get me this single ^_^( poor guy).