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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sp 12 Question 6

What is you favorite type of project to take on vacation? Scarf, stuffed toys, anything easy and small.

So, the windows in my house have been installed but now that the frames are a bit larger than the original, the blind sthat we use to have don't fit! So off to go curtain shopping and it seems nothing will go. Right now I have black card board paper I got from the dollar store blocking the light from entering my room cuz my windows faces east. I would post up pictures form when I Mother insisted on having ALL the furnitures covered in plastic to keep dust off except that I had packed away the USB cord when I was moving stuffs form my room to my Mother's room and I can't remember where I had put it cuz I still haven't had time to un pack the stuff in my room yet, I just moved them back into my room so my Mother can walk to her bed without hitting something of mine. So no pics yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oy. We moved a while ago and it was such a pain to find everything afterwards!

I hope you get some blinds soon!

Your Secret Pal.


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