Lil Rose Thorn

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Boo-Ty 2 is Here!

Thank you so mush my PAL

I got a home made Halloween apron. It's adorable!!!!! It has a pocket! ^_^
I got Chocolate eyeball/fingers/brains, glow worm gummies, and POP Rocks (haven't had those in years! ^_^)
I got Trekking XXL in fall colors (love those) and a card (!!!!gasp! Spider!!!!)
Also some Halloween stickersThank you so much Christine!
Happy Halloween!
Can't wait till my pal gets hers!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rock Mountain Wine Festival

This festival is AMAZING!!! I work as a hostess for the booth which this festival is held at ^_^ and I get to try all these new types of alcohol! on Thursday night I tried this Port that is 20 yrs old! It was GOOD. The 40 yr one is too sweet th e20 yr one is perfect, so I bought a bottle as a present for my Grnadma ^_^ she like to have a sip of "something" after dinner. Also I finally got to try some wine that is not dry, I didn't know such a thing exsisted ^_^ (jj) The wine we usually serve at work is always dry. Some ppl like it, I don't.

My Boo-ty 2 package has been sent out onMonday already, hopefully it will arrive this conmming week (fingers crossed, Canadian postal and I dont' really get along). Can't wait to get mine!
To the Boo-ty Pal who had me as a swap partner: Sorry but I was unable to open the Hallmark card you sent me. Thank you for your thoughts though ^_^

I started this week on a (I want to say MY, but I know it will probably end up being given out) green tone Wolly Bullys. I'm making it into a scarf as usual. I had made a lot of stuffs for ppl as x-mas presents bu tbirthdays came up before that and now I need to start cratting for x-mas ~_~

Another pair of mittenettes are done! I usually only do the right one then leave them till I remember about them ^_^ OR the left one is either a bit too big or too small compaired to the right one and then I have to make another new set for the lonely ones ~_~. These ones are also going out as b-day presents.

Ta Ta for now!


Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I had so much food this weekend it's not even funny. I think I need to go shopping for new jeans now ^_^

There was another Movie beign filmed at the Park last week and they were doing some scenes infront of my window. It took me 5 tries to catch the car driving by. Because I don't want to be charged with taking pics, I'm only gonnan post the ones that I missed ^_^

First Pic:Second Pic: Then here is the Mitts I started for my cousin last year ^_^ Some of the yarn I got a few weeks ago.
Also, I finally finished one of my paradis colored socks and has starte dthe second one ^_^
The leaves have been changing color for a while now. I got this pic early in the morning one Sunday. I couldnt' resist cuz they were so beautiful.

Ta Ta for now

Monday, October 01, 2007

I've Been Trying Forever to Post

It's been a while since I've last posted andI have been trying but for som ereason I had not beenable to put up pics so here's what I've been up to so far.

A few weeks ago I was working for my part time as a hostess for the Festiveal of Fine Chefs and here is what out station looks like.
Here is what we served. Yum! ^_^ I of course got to try them all.Been yarn shopping again. Guilty as charged! ^_^
These ones Delly got htem for me to make pumpkins. I started to make and gather stuffs for my Boo-ty 2 Swap Pal.

Last, I finally finished a pair of fingerless gloves for Ah Mosh, started then last winter (no pics yet).