Lil Rose Thorn

Monday, March 24, 2008

For a good cause

Hi all!
DellyBean is doing a draw for a fantastic silver pendent. All you have to do is promise to make some changes to your lifesyle to help save energy. You can do things like take 2 minutes less in the shower, hang dry your laundry, lower the temp at home and wear a sweater and slippers instead, etc.
Closing date is Wed. March 26th!! Sorry for my late notice. Sign up is at her page. So go now!!!
Good luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick Again, This Sucks!

O_0 Blah! Had to leave work early on Friday cuz I had the worst headache ever, plus my nose would not stop running the whole day. Now I just feel like crap.

Which meant I haven't been able to play with my nephew the past 4 days U_U cuz his immune system is lower at the moment.

Went to the Docs with my Mother cuz she is sick too but she started to get sick before I did. She got Penesilyn and I was told to just get more rest and drink lots of water. The funny thing is my Mother's strep throat is contagious so you would think the Doc might give me somethind to prevent me from getting as sick as her cuz we live together but nope, just sleep and lots of fluids.

On a brighter note, I had forgotten to mention some of the goodies I had received while I had dissapeared from 'blog world'.

This was a Christmas present from DellyBean and for my birthday she got me a gift cert. to Ewe Asked for It which I spent on the yarns in my last post.KnitPicks Option needles!!! The whole set!!!!!

Then there is this from "Raura" for my birthday.

Doesn't this pic make the yarn look like a cuccumber with white hair? ^_^ It's from Arequipa: 65 superwash wool, 20 alpaca, and 15 nylon. made in Peru.

.....Blah! It's only 7:30pm but I'm going to sleep now. Hopefully I can get to work tomorrow.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where I've Been To

On Jan 10th I had returned from my Christmas vacation in Hong Kong. Had tonnes of fun, ate lots of food, seen lots of crowds ^_^ Here's the proof. This last picture is at one of the the subway staions I was at. The last train had left only 2 minutes ago and in 2 mionutes thes was how much people that had gathered to board the next train. Th efirst 2 is on New Years Eve "by" the Harbor. I say by cuz it was impossible to get near the harbor that night cuz of the crowds.

Then I came back to minus 20 something degrees and got sick (it was plus 20 in H.K.).

Then I went to a BridalFair with my bride of 2009. Ran into my little cousin and it turns out that both brides had chossen the exact same day to get married.

Got sick again.

Then found out that my 3 and a half year old nephew has a tumor the size of a small mandirine in the back of his head by the cerebellum. They were able to remove it the next morning. (Thank God!) Took a few weeks off of work to help out the Family. Our entire world was tuned upside down because it was soo unexpected. Had relatives flying in from Toronto that evening and a few nights later. He had been throwing up for 18 days straight and it was the 3rd time they took him to the emergency before someone said to take a look at his head. I had purchased a month parking pass cuz parking at hospitals are expensive!. He is now going under radiation to prevent the tumor from comming back. The Doc says he has a Grade 2 tumor. 1 being non-aggressive and 4 being most aggressive. I've been at their house everyday after work to play with him cuz his paretns says that keeping him happy will help him to recover faster.
then found out my little cousin decided to change her wedding to a weekend before my friends. (Thank God again).

Now it's yarn time ^_^ I've just bought 2 balls of Noro silk and a new Bamboo yarn they got at the yarn shop I usually go to - Ewe Asked for It.

Started to crochet more octopi (more than one octopus ^_^). Planning ot give them out as wedding presents this year.

Ta Ta for now.