Lil Rose Thorn

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Package Sent

I've just sent my Dishcloth Swap out!!!!!
Can't wait till she gets it.
My pal had just contacted me for my addy too so I should be getting mine soon ^_^

Monday, September 25, 2006

Too much Tea?

I'm a big time tea drinker, but lately I've been thinking that I've been drinkin gtoo much tea. Is it possible?!? I've been drinking tea since I can remember, at my house 4pm is tea time with bisquits and all. I take milk and sugar wiht my tea. Earl Grey is my fav. though followed by English Breakfast and since last year Awake from Tazo. There is also a buch of chinese teas that I like. Their names are weird. Back to my tea problem. Not sure if its cuz I'm tired or if I'm low on electrolights but I've been feeling really dehydrated. No matter how many cups of tea I've had. Lets I had about 7 cups. Still I feel parched. ? don't know. ^_^

Friday, September 22, 2006

another new swap!

There is this new swap from that's for Halloween! It's gonna be fun. I'm joining. Hope some of you will too ^_^. Did I mantion that I'm in Secret Pal 9? I'm in! ^_^

My friend N left for Vancouver this evening. C made aDVD for her and it was great, we watched it together. there was tears and laughter. I will miss her very much u_u. Good luck in your studies, N! Don't party too hard. Give me your adress so I can send you goodies ^_^.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm done one of my dishcloths!

It's a little lost to the colors but it's still visible ^_^.

The other dishcloth I'm working on looks like this.

The rest is gonna be a surprise for her to see when she gets her package ^_^

This is what I got from my boss as a 'End of season' gift. I actually got this before I left for my trip but keep forgetting to post the pic up. It's some cups with bamboo on them!, beautiful yarn she spun herself, and a glass orniment to hang in my room. There was also these awsome ice cube trays that actually lets your ice cubes out easily, they're in my freezer now.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Don't know what to do

I need some input. After my vacation I need some time to save up some $$. However, there are the Knit Picks needles I want to get and this Secret Pal 9 I want to join. Which would you pick?

I've decided on another pattern to make for my dishcloth swap. ^_^ I've also started on another dishcloth today. It's gonna be white and blue.

I'm in Love...

My boss has lend me the Knit Picks interchangable needles (3.75)with cables and I'm in love. I'm so getting myself a set. They're so nice to use! that's all for now back to knitting

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Very First Dishcloth

To tell the truth I don't use dishcloths at home. Since beginning of time fot me it's always been sponges, that's what my Mom uses. The very first time I used a dishcloth was at work, and I liked it. So now ladies and gentlemen, presenting my very fist dishcloth. Its made of 100% bamboo From Madil: Eden Print made in Italy. My Mom said that I'm using too expensive yarn for a dishcloth but it's sooo pretty! It reminds me of the roadtrip I just took with my friends throught the Rockies. The one I started on the roadtrip has to be put on hold cuz I can't find one of the needles >_<. Needle! if you hear me please come back!

I got contfact from my dishcloth swap! Received the e-mail when I was on vacation.

Also, I forgot to mention that I was very excited to find out that N's bestfriend in Vancouver J is part of a Stitch'n'Bitch. This means I can tag along whenever I visit them cuz N is moving to Vancouver in in less than 2 weeks. u_u. She's buying a bunk bed so ppl can visit. I plan on taking full advantage of that ^_^.

Monday, September 11, 2006


This is the baby horse I made which I gave to N's cousin's baby girl.

This is my very sad attempt to knit on the roadtrip, this was from the very beginning of my trip. I have about twice as much at the end of the trip but I just realized that I am missing one of my needles and I'm praying that its in C's car and not in Vancouver or San Fran.
This was in Hollywood the Chinese Theater.

This is on the beach in Orange County.
This is Yoshi at Alcatraz.
This is in SanFrancisco and the yarn shop that I wanted to visit.

This is Yoshi and a Happy Meal toy I got on the road.

I'm back!

After about 7500km and getting lost on the highway/freeway three times...i think it was only three times ^_^ I'm back. I want to go on another vacation!!!! The trip consisted of stops at Vancouver to L.A. Orange County, to Sanfrancisco, back to Vancouver and then home. I went with N(gal friend) and C(guy friend). This trip was amazing. C and I took turns driving, though he drove most of the tiem cuz I have road rage. Met some of N's relatives who took us around L.A. shopping, to the beach, and Disneyland. San Francisco we went to Alcatraz and I missed Artfibers by 45 mins. They closed at 6pm. >_< I took a picture of the door and Yoshi. There will be a next time! Vancouver, ate a lot of food, went to the Richmond Night Market, went to a club called Altantis, and ate more food ^_^. Oh! I got Indigo dyes from Maiwa!!!!! So I'll be busy playing with that for a while. Well, that's all for now its 1 am and I should sleep. Will post pics up tomorrow.
P.S. I left my lace scarf project at home so I couldn't work on it on the trip but I did make another mushroom and when N's friend J saw Yoshi she really liked it so I gave the new shroom to her. Also, I did start a dish cloth but never finished it. I will! I still have to finish the piggy pot holder.... ^_^