Lil Rose Thorn

Monday, April 28, 2008


So I decided to make my nephew a ladybug. However, three Monday mornings ago (the day I was gonna give the bug to him) My Mother and I received a phone call at 5:11 am from my Aunt saying that my Grandmother had fell in the bathroom and hit her head and that they have just called the ambulance. She is fine now but will need to move around the house using a walker. She stayed at the hospital for a week to make sure everything is alright. Even thought I was at the hospital early in the morning that day I still dropped off the labybug aff to my nephew that afternoon to keep him company. He LOVED it a lot. In fact so much that he asked me to make him a Mommy and Daddy ladybug too. As you can see in the picture I gave him the little one first so its in the worst shape and the green one was the newest. I did take this pic three days after he got the complete collection so they have all been through a bit ^_^This touque, I found the pattern on Ravelry. It took only one skein of NORO. The pattern is from here. The shape may look funny cuz it's sitting on a roll of bounty paper towels. ^_^

These lovely treats are form a co-worker who's brother co-owns a CHOCOLATE FACTORY!My favorite is the white chocoalte with rese petals. MMmmmm!

Ta for now!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So last week my nephew wanted a snail and asked me to make one so here is the first one cuz after seeing the first one he wanted a baby one too. This one is made with felt. I made up the pattern. The second one I made which I forgot to take a pic of is croched out of the same colors as the felt one. Got the pattern from Ravelry.This package I will be sending to my cousin in New Jersey for his wedding which I won't be able to attend cuz it will be right before my work place will be getting busy. Plus my mother will not be able to get time off for similar reason.
Today for the entire day I've been having the most horrible headache. Went home after work and slept till now, which means I will be getting very little sleep tonight O_0

My nephew was been diong O.K. He's just started to loose his hair but thank God it's only by the back of his head where the radiation is going on so he can't see it in the mirror. His preference in food has also changed a bit cuz he was throwing up a bit last week but good thing it has stopped. we're still doing our best to keep him as happy as possible. Like making him a snail on demand ^_^