Lil Rose Thorn

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What I Got For Christmas ^_^

Santa was good to me again this year ^_^
I got a purse from my cousins in Toronto, M and V.
This purse is a big change from the one I usually carry, a lot smaller, so I carry less. Better for my neck and back.

This is my favorite part of the purse

Phantom of the Opera Paul Frank Shirt from N, she came back for Christmas from Vancouver.
M.A.C. Eye Shadow set from my cousin M.A Book and a mascara, eyeliner, eye make up remover set by Lancome from "Ah Mosh".A Book form my cousin's brother-in-law A.My other cousin M from Toronto got me a $30 Indigo/Chapters Gift Cert. My Buds H and SoSo is combining my x-mas and b-day together so I get it at the end of next month, Can't wait! Also S, who is in H.K. right now got me mittenettes that I've worn everyday since I dropped her off at the airport, they're really pretty grey and pink.

thanks everyone!

I've been eating so much for the past few days that I can hardly walk so I stayed home on boxing day to give my wallet a break. Wait till after Chinese New Year..... ^_^

See you all in 2007!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

So Very Jealous!

My cousin "Ah Mosh" got a ring from her boyfriend of 4 years!!!! It's a 0.3 carot. No, it's NOT an engagement ring, just a ring for her birthday. It's very bright and clear, she got to pick it out herself. We found out that if you get a ring that is 0.96 carot rather that 1.0 carot, that it's a lot cheaper and you can't tell the difference ^_^. Keep that in mind ladies and gents!

On Thursday morning I dropped my friend S off at the airport, she's gonna spend x-mas in
Hong Kong, along with a few of her friends.

I've been sick for a few days now, just when my vacation starts >_
All the presents have been wrapped now. All scarves and glass etches are done ^_^ Yeah!

If I don't blog again in the next few days, Have a Safe and Happy Christmas!

Lil Rose Thorn

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Some Swaps Arrived!

My Ornamental Swap to Patch Me arrived safely!!!! hope she has tonnes of fun with quilted crafts and the ornaments ^_^.

I've also received my Stitch Marker Swap from Knitting Mama! At first I thought the 2 wooden circles were for my size 17 needles, but they are actually earrings! ^_^ I love them all! the wooden stitch markers are very light and the plastic ones very cool. Included was some fun stickers as well. Thank you Knitting Mama!

Thank you to my SP9 who I am sending treats to for understanding that there may be delays to her getting her gifts cuz of delivery problems. They're probably in an airport somewhere in Canada or Australia >_<

On as weird side note My boss and I were sort of bored one day and decided to give one of our maniquinns a "head" and "arms" . We love the reactions of some of the visitors to our office ^_^And there is Yoshi poking out of the left arm ^_^

Monday, December 11, 2006

Returned Package >_

One of my SP9 packages came back to my place saying that either such adress does not exist or I'm missing info in the adress. But I've sent other things out already and at least one of them have arrived safely so I don't know what's wrong. I'm gonna try again. hopefully it will still arrive in Australia before Christmas

I'm done my stitch markers and will be sending them out also. Be on the lookout Knitting Mama!

I've been very busy lately but it has almost nothing to do with work. Christmas gatherings/parties ^_^ to go to. I'm hardly home to knit, so I do it at the parties where people are either amazed that I can and is knitting in public or makes fun of me cuz I'm knittinng. We'll see who gets cold this winter without a scarf!

Tonight we went out to dinner for my cousins b-day at a steak house. The food was o.k. th eservice was not so good. It took the girl 15 minutes to get us water then another 15 minutes to get us bread after we had ordered our food and had informed her that we are hungry and to serve the appettizers and main courses a.s.a.p. Plus we had to keep asking her for more water or refill on other drinks. At the very end she even brought out the b-day cake when 4 out of 7 people were away from the table so the candles was over half burned out by the b-day girl got back to the table. Argh!!!! I think giving her 15% was way tooo much. But it's part of life.

That's all for now.
Pray for my packages to arrive safely!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm Busy New Year's Eve!

I'll be working New Year's Eve. Why?!?! Because I will be paid $25/hr to sell drink tickets to people, and that's all I have to do ^_^. I've been working there every single New Year's Eve for the past 8 years except for 2002 when I was in Hong Kong. It's fun, lots of people, loud music, GETTING PAID! That's to make up for all the money I'm spending on x-mas presents. I'm actually leaving the rest of my shopping till after the 15th so that they will go on to next months credit card bill ^_^.

Monday, December 04, 2006

More About Me ^_^

A little bit more about myself:
-I'm done school (Graduated June 2006 from University)
-Current favorite colors are: grey, red, pink, aqua marine, and black
-Current song: La Vie En Rose
-Current projects: Scarves for almost everyone, stitch markers, glass etching
-Current favorite food: udon, strawberry pocky, white chocolate, and tamago
-Current place I want to visit right now: Mexico (actually anywhere warmer than where I am now is fine for me ^_^)
-I'm 5 foot 5.5 inches tall
-I can sometimes fit into kids size 16 clother ^_^
-Current hobby: Food! Stockinng up for winter
-Current dislikes: slow driver or drivers who don't signal, wet snow, black ice, people who think they know me but really don't (know when to back off ^_^), and my wassher and dryer who keeps eating my socks >_<
-My favorite body part is my nose

That's all for now these things about me change from time to time. Just doing this for fun.