Lil Rose Thorn

Monday, July 30, 2007

Socks SocksSocks!

I'm really starting to panic about the socks I'm knitting cuz I'm only here with the second sock.
Tomorrow I'm gonna be knitting non stop the whole day to try to get it done. It turned out great I just need to finish them ^_^ before Aug 2nd!!!
I got an anime e-card from my other Sockapalooza Pal telling me that my socks are done! The card made me very happy. The pic on the card is from KiKi's Delivery Service and the song that was playing was one of the theme song from Gundam Wing, both great cartoons ^_^ Thank you Sockapalooza Pal!

Monday, July 23, 2007

More knitting

Like many others around the world I have already finished reading the last Harry Potter. I WILL NOT GIVE OUT SPOILERS!!! Thought for those who have not read it yet and the last time you read the 6th one was the day it came out I suggest you might want to read 6th book again before starting cuz I was a tad lost when I started to read the 7th one.

Saturday July 21st I woke up and got the book by 8am. Went home to dress for a wedding (ceremony was at 9:30....yes I was reading at the ceremony and lunch) got home at 2pm ploped on my bed and read till 4:30 where I got dressed again for the wedding dinner. My mother made the cake so we had to arrive earlier to set it up. Took some pictures (they had given my mother and I saris to wear to the wedding) and continued to read. East Indian weddings TAKE FOREVER ^_^ dinner was suppose to be at 6:30 didn't start till 8:45 thank God they had a small starters buffet with veg. spring rolls and pikoras. Thought I ws told not to eat too much cuz there was more comming. (they didn't lie, they only lied about the time when I was gonna be fed properly again) So I read while I was waiting for food. They had speaches but the speakers were only facing one direction and we were seated beside the stage in a corner (very convenient for me) so we could hardly hear what was spoken. There was a dance afterwards, by then I was down to 50 pgs left, I kept reading till 11:45 when they finally cut the cake so I had to run and take pictures. I finished the book, almost cried cuz its finished. Took more pictures when my mother finally decided we can go.

As for my sockapoolza I'm only on the leg of the second pair so now its gonna be all knitiing knitting knitting for me. 5 more days till it has to be sent out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Very First Sock!!!!

Finally! It's about time I finished my first sock ^_^ Now it's off to the second one. Hopefully I will finish by Aug. 3rd for the send off ^_^

Saw a few movies lately

Harry Potter was good, Die Hard was o.k. and Transformers was FANTASTIC!!!!!

That's all for now.

knit knit knit knit knit!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cabin Trip was Fun!!!

The Monday/Tuesday weekend crew from work went on a little road trip to visit other historic sites on July 8th-10th. However, I must throw this in right now cuz when I got back to work I saw on my desk some little gifts from Rox that was sent together with CraftyBean's gift. Beautiful crochet necklaces. I can wear these any style I want.Thank you very much Rox!

So about the trip. We stayed at a supervisor's family cabin and here was my sleeping area.
The next day we went to Fort Battleford in Saskatchewan that interpreted the North West Mountain Police's role in the development of the west in 1885. This provided power to run the site. I thought this pic looked great with the clouds in the back. ^_^ The ppl there were nice to do a cannon demonstration for us. This was what I got while trying to plug my ears and taking a pic at the same time. I believe the black on th etop left was my chin ^_^ an dyou can see the smoke and a NWMP near the bottom. Beautiful Sask. fields from the back of the car. The World's Largest Tomahawk. The view from the cabin.This is Fort George back in Alberta. There were only logs to outline the original buildings but is was still a beautiful site none the less.
Just before I left for the trip, there was a yarn sale at Ewe Asked For It, this is what I got. That is all for now...still haven't seen Transformers, Ocean's 13, Die Hard, or Harry Potter yet. *sigh* need to do that soon.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mom is still sick

Had another interesting week that involved sitting at MediCenter for 2 hrs, the Emergancy for 7.5 hrs, then the next day back to MediCenter for another 4.5 hrs.

So Monday, my Mother came down with a serious case of strep throat. Tuesday, drove her to MediCenter and she got Anibiotics. Wednesday, after dinner she couldn't stand the dizziness that she's been feeling since Monday night so I took her to this mini emergency center at the north side of the city sat forever, she got a pill that didn't work 2 hrs later so they had to give her a shot of gravol. They did some tests on her heart cuz she had felt some chest pain. Found that she has a slight abnormal beating of th eheart so they told us to take the report to our family doctor and see what he thinks. Got home at 2:20 am. So in the morning it was back to Medicenter for more tests and pills for the dizziness. Dr. says nothing he can do about the heart thing. O_0!

Saw White Stripes at my second job as a bar cashier. They were fansastc! Some dude gave me a t-shirt ^_^ it was $30!!! it's shaped with buttons!!! no, I didn't give my number out, wasn't that good looking ^_^
Mosh just came back from a visito to Toronto with her boyfriend and she got me these. Very lovely ^_^.
Next weekend I will be going out to a cabin/museum trip with some co-workers that share the same weekend as me. Can't wait!