Lil Rose Thorn

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Winding yarn is a lot of fun especially if you have a ball winder on hand ^_^ This is what Delly/Crafty Bean and I did. There was a BIG SALE at Ewe Asked for It 40% off ALL YARNS. Of cource I stocked up on more. I still haven't finished the ones I bought from the last sale.

After a while, it can get addictive ^_^ cuz it only takes a few minutes!!!

This is Yoshi at the mall with one of th ex-mas dispalys.
What I have been up to lately:
-Knitting x-mas presents
-Finishing up my Ornamental2 package so I can send it out by end of this week ^_^
-Winding yarns
-Cartoon: Nana and Mai Hime
-Catching up with friends, going out for tea

Congradulations to Holly!!! She passed her Chartered Accountant Exam!

Monday, November 20, 2006

"Let Them Eat Cake!"

Delly Bean and I went to see the movie Marie Antionette yesterday. It was O.K. We went for the costumes only anyways. Though it was good to see Versailles again. I went in 1997 durning the World Youth Day to have mass with the Pope (John Paul II). It wasn't a bad movie but I could see why not a lot ppl liked it.

I went to buy some FIMO to make stitch markers for the Stitch Marker Swap. Hope they turn out o.k. will post pics once they are done.

I also went to get marteials for my Ornamental 2 swap. crafts crafts crafts ^_^.

It hasn't been set in stone yet but there may be a trip next year Oct/2007 to London England and maybe even Paris!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Swaps are fun ^_^

I just joined another swap set up by my Boo-ty swap buddy Robyn that is a stitch maker swap. Swaps are fun especially when your buddies are willing to keep in touch with you. I'm glad that both my SP9 and ornamental2, to and from buddies, all can chat via e-mails so we all can know each othat better to make swaping more fun.

Today I got more x-mas ornaments to send out to my swaps. Hopegfully I can wrap them and send them in time for x-mas cuz they are going to Australia.

Tonight I had dinner with my relatives and between 7 adults and a 2 yr old kid, with tips and tax the dinner was $750!!!! One bottle of wine only (Zinfandel). We had dinner at the Edmonton World Trade Center, Ruth's Chris restaurant, and it was GREAT. The steaks were cooked to perfection, dessert (Creme Brule) and coffee was to die for. The lobster Bisque soup was great. I really enjoyed it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lil Rose Thorn the Vampire Slayer ^_^

CraftyBean and I were chatting a few nigths ago (last week to be exact) and I had mentioned that my size 17 clover knitting needles makes me want to stake a demon like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. then She started this story of my slaying demons but would be kicking their butts while knitting and knowing myself, I would most likely try to beat the crap out of the demons, put a foot on their chest to hold them down, then tell them to hold on while I finish the row I'm working on. ^_^ Which led me to taking these pictures. We then went on about about Lycans (werewolves) and how I would get bitten by one and turn into a werewolf and then find a hot male werewolf... and I think that was where the story ended. This happened last week so I could be leaving important parts of the story out by accident. ^_^

A Snow Day

Today it snowed, snowed, and snowed some more. Everything in town is covered in snow and nothing drives me up the walls more than having to stick to the second gear ALL THE WAY HOME from work across town. I understand it's for my safety and the safety of the others but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. >_<
On a happy note during lunch time my boss and I went to get some more glasses to etch ^_^. I think they will make great x-mas presents. I plan on playing with them and then work a little on my lace scarf that I have neglected these past few weeks.
That's all for now.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Crafts Completed!

To some of you it may seen like I've been working too much lately with no time to play. In reality, I'm always playing ^_^. Here are some etchings I made on some 99cents glasses I plan on giving to my brother for his b-day on Dec. 6th.
These are simplified versions of some robots from Gundam. A cartoon we used to watch together when we were little, before my Bro moved out a year and a half ago taking with him ALL the cartoons that we've taped together >_<. I still luv him anyways.

This is a Totoro cup I've etched from a glass from the Dollarama $_$! I think it turned out great.
These are the wolly bully scarves I've been playing with. It hink I'm gonna give N the red-green one for her b-day cuz she's back in town forhte long weekend and her b-day is at the end of Nov. The bleu-green one, I'm thinking one of my cousins, haven't decided which one yet ^_^.

Last night at work we hosted a Rodeo concert w/a beer garden thing and OMG I've never had a more boring night. We were very much over staffed but for some bizzar reason my supervisor wouldn't sign me out. I stayed all 8 hours of it. Though I usually don't mind country music. After 8 hours of being bored with it playing really loud can be annoying. And hey guess what?!?! I'm back again tonight O_0 *sigh*. If it wern't time and a half I would call in sick!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ornamental 2

I signed up for another swap! Ornamental 2 The deadline is Nov 10th so everyone sign up now!!!
This is what I'm currently playing with. 2 scarves fro my cousins for x-ams. The yarn is made in Italy, 50% virgin wool, 50% acrylic. They were a little pricy but worth it cuz they're so pretty and I like them ^_^.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Wacky Random Fact About Me

My Sp9 hostess Kerry was asking for a wacky random fact for us to post about ourselves so here is mine : I can last 4 days on instant noodles and water only. I know it may sound grose but they are good! ^_^ And I don't like cooking when my mother isn't home.

I Got My Boo-ty Swap!!!!

Finally blogger is letting me post pics!
I went out to lunch with a friend and when I came home my boo-ty parce was waiting for me!!! ^_^ I got: a knitted toque in pinks and purple, light pink baby silk yarn, Gidiva white chocolate, a glow in the dark skeleton key chain, a felt softy making book, and cucumber melon soap from Bath and Body Works, one of my favorite scents. Thank yo so much Angela!