Lil Rose Thorn

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It arrived!!!!! All is well.

So the past few days has been a little hectic around here. Nephew is out of the hospital now. He went in on Tuesday morning(....6am to be exact) to have a shunt put in his head to drain fluids that has been collecting from radiations he's gone through. He's upset cuz he had to stay in the hospital and in a bit of pain which is expected, but the surgery went well. I took 3 days off work to help my now 4 mth pregnant sister out since she can't bend down to pick up her son to put him to bed or to sit up in a chair.

Christmas is almost here......heard it's gonna snow next week.

The CDs arrived on the 25th (Tuesday) But I was soooooo tired that I couldn't really shout for joy. It took me forever (^_^ that's actually the title of one of the songs in color) to get eh pic right so that there are no light reflecting back to the camera.The second Cd is Shuji to Akira which came out in 2005 but I had to get $39 worth of good to get free shipping and I had asked my cousin (Ah Mosh) who visited Japan in September to get it for me but apparently it is all sold out there so I go it too. So color has been in my car since Wednesday morning and I have to say I'm very glad I bought it, along with S to A.

So the craft show last week....last week? I don't remember when now but I had said I would post pics of the cards I made. tada!My only sale of the night was one of the Japanese gal card.

This was the booth I shared with SpacePiper. The sock monkeys were on another table to the left. Dellybean also made some mushrooms and knitting needlecases to sell.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OMG! My cousin got me the goods!!!!!

First me sent me an e-mail telling me he forgot, sorry. He only remembered once he saw his students carry some goods around that he remembered. I replied back that's O.K. and chatted about random stuffs while I cried a little inside. Then he replied back asking if a saw the attachment he sent of some of the stuff I thought were his students and I said 'yes..... are you allowed to confiscate them then send them to me?' To which he replied that he forgot to tell me that he got the goods and theat he's waiting for an on the way parcel from his parents to re-use the box for me. YAY!!!! I thought it was funny that his students kept their stuffs in their wrapping still...maybe he did confisxate them 0_O? He also told me that it a A LITTLE BIT embarrasing for him cuz he was the ONLY MALE standing it line for stuffs. There wasn't even a boyfriend or male guardians insite ^_^. I luv him!!!!! I sent him air hugs already ^_^. This was the pic he sent.

KAT-TUN「White X'mas」 CM

KAT-TUN's new single: White Christmas

News ~ Color [CM]

10 days till I get it!!!1

Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Last Thursday I went to an arts and crafts show and spent a lot of money on Christmas presents. I got this for one of my co-worker's b-day. I can show this pic cuz she already for this on Friday. It's a bookmark cuz she likes to read.On the same night I decided to attempt to set up my oun crafts table at the Universuity. Dellybean has a connection who is setting up a crafts sale for one night. I'm gonna sell:

You can see that there is only one monkey with eyes, its cuz I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME to put the rest on so I may have to sell them as is. They still look cute I think. As of now I have 10 to sell. Then stealing Delly's idea: to make kits for the monkeys to sell as well. I got 4 cake pin coushins and A crochet ladybug. Very random stuffs that I had made. If I had more time I wish I could have made a few MoMos to sellI had already given them all away as gifts except for the top one cuz he is my fisrt born ^_^
I also have some handmade origami cards that I will post pics of next time.

SpacePiper will also have some silver jewelery to sell.

That's all for now. Gonna go finish setting up my kits.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More NEWS!

I just got a reply from my lil Cousin in Sapporo, Japan that since the concert is on a weekend that he would go check out the concert goods for me!!!!!! The poor kid is gonna regret being related to me ^_^. He was the one I made the Moogle for a year ago.

Also I happen to stumble upon a journal that has pics and MP3s of the concert. (hope the link works)

3 more weeks till I get my Color CD!

This weekend I worked at my other job again (as a cashier for the convention center) and the function on Saturday night didn't open their doors till 9pm, started at 10, and didn't get busy till 12:30. I stayed till 2am doing absolutely nothing cuz it was not busy and my shift started at 7pm. I did sneek in my knitting but after touching $ I didn't feel like knitting....did I just type that??! Friday night was a boxing match which are usually quite entertaining but that night a car dealer decided to part these 2 Land Rovers in front of my booth. So all I was the entire night was tinted windows and the 2 barely clothed girls advertising the cars.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I bought Color ^_^

So I heard from other who are currently wanting to pre-order KAT-TUN's new single White Christmas that it's already sold out (release date:Dec. 9th) so I panicked and when to Yesasia and got Color $_$. I'm too weak!!!!!! But because I can't go to Japan for their concert the least I can to for myself is to get their CD.