Lil Rose Thorn

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Pumpkin and Yoshi wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!!!
Went with co-workers Dellybean and Spacepipper on a road trip to the mountains on a buying trip. Bought these as snacks from T&T Supermarket ^_^.

Went to Make One Yarn in Calgary and did some damage...but they're for x-mas presents!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I want! I want! I want!

Their concert is going on right now. NewS Winter Party Diamond Concert 2008/2009
Next show is Nov. 1st 2pm at SunDome Fukui Japan.
I want to go!!!!!!!!!! $_$

The goodies I want:
I will never be able to get this cuz they're only sold in JAPAN! the phone strap is $20USD. Ring is $25 and Pin coushin is $13. $_$! Someone go get it for me? 0_O

Their new CD: release date Nov. 19, 2008
Limited Edition:
Has 14 songs and a 32 page booklet

Normal Edition:

This has 15 songs and a 16 page photo booklet.
Can't make up my mind which one to get!!!!

4 more days till handing out candy time!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Boo-ty 3

I got home from working over 12 hours at 2 jobs and I found these in a parcel, it made my day...From Christy. Cute apron that she makes, she has a lot more Halloween crafts on her blog so go check it out.
Yummy yarn from CRAFTY 100% cashmere!!! I heart!
Snoopy pens and Halloween notepad. I miss Snoopy...
A worm burger and a foot gummy ^_^

Thanks Christy! I luv them ^_^

The Rocky Mountain Wine Fest. is fun, you meet a lot of interesting pelple and find out a lot of new drinks. I'll post what I will buy next time ^_^

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Got My Winter Tires On!

So my aching knee told me that it may snow, so I quickly called my shop and they were able to fit me in 2 days later so I jumped for joy cuz last year I had to wait 2 weeks. Then, guess what? It's gonna be 18 degrees on Thursday! ^_^ Oh, well, better safe than sorry.

Over the weekend I knitted a touque for my friend who I hope will like it. His B-day is comming up. I think I might send him a pic first to see if he will wear it before I send it to Toronto.

I'll be working the Rocky Mountain Wine Festival again!!! Yay to new alcohol!


Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm back from Calgary!

So my friend’s wedding…. I woke up that morning at 7am to go over my speeches and found some mistakes which was good. After the wedding ceremony (which the bride had sent us the Goggle link to the wrong place ^_^) during the pictures time I go a hold of the brides father to practice with me again the names. There was a few people who were his cousins that he didn’t remember what title his daughter should address them by, so he found them and then it turns out the bride had accidently left someone else out, so good thing we checked!
The other M.C. and I kept having panic attacks between the photos time and the reception. We sat at Tim Horton’s for a snack and I kept chanting “we’re good, we’re beautiful!” Right before the dinner was to start the bridesmaids gave us SOME drinks and I think that helped to calm our nerves. ^_^

The games we played were:
1) The bride and her M of H use to play trick on the groom by getting the M of H to call the groom on the phone and pretend to be the bride. It’s been going on for a few years so we decided to test him one last time. He got them all right.
2) Put 5 different color gummy bears into the brides mouth and the groom using his mouth has to get the color of the gummy we chose out. It my sound a bit Eeewwwww but they did it.
3) Traditionally in most Chinese weddings we play this game where the bride has to roll a raw egg up one pant leg of the groom and get it down the other safely. This time we used a cell phone instead and gave the number out the # to everyone so that they can call while the phone is in the groom’s pants. The trick is that the bride has to answer the phone and tell us who the caller is.

Getting the newly weds to kiss: ppl had to do karaoke. Of ppl start to cling glasses the other mc and I got to go to that table and pick someone. The first table that started to cling was the bride’s brother and cousins. So we picked her brother and for the longest time he kept saying “I don’t know any love songs and blah blah blah” which made it kind of awkward for a while but finally we convinced him and the rest of the night went by fairly smoothly.
The bridesmaids and some friends getting ready to sing "I like Big Butts!"
The cutting of the cake. I guess one good thing about being MC is that I have good views of everything.I got this and the thank you from the bride: Yarns and a stone face tissue box ^_^
There is this one story the bride hasn't heard yet is that they had almost lost both MCs that day cuz we were being silly. After the ceremony and timmy's I went with the other mc to his friends place so that we could change. He was staying at that friends house, after parking the car we got in the elevator and he had the key swipe thing that we swipe before we can punch in the floor we want. We kept hitting 8 and nothing worked. So the nautral thing to do is to press every floor!. Well the elevator took us to 5 then quickly dropped us back down to main. we got out, let the door close and then pressed it open again. Got in, pressd 8 again the it still wouldn't work so he pressed a bunch of buttons again this time 3 worked so we went to 3 and, when we got there we pressed 4 and it worked! so we're like this is stupid I guess we're going floor by floor then. We got to 6 and had decided to just walk up 2 flights when he hit 9 and we thought that doing down is better than up so we got the 9, got out, and went to the stairs......we got to 8 and the dorrs wouldn't open!!!!I got out my camera and took a pick of him trying to pry the doors open. ^_^ we also hod no reception on our phones there so we're like fine! we'll walk all the way back down! When we got to 6th flr the door said crossover so we got out there and went to the elevators. By then we had reception so we called his friend who told us that actually he lives on the 9th floor thats why the elevator took us there. My buddy was soooo sure they were onth e8th floor. So that was our story^_^. In the stairwell we were picturing the bride asking everyone is they had seen us ^_^. Moral of the story, do not go into ctairwells unless you know you won't get locked in and remember which floor you are on .
That’s all for now, sorry for the wordy post. Oh! I think I almost have all my stuffs for the Boo-ty 3 to be sent out! I have one of every requirement; just want to add a few more treats. I can’t wait till she gets it.


Friday, October 10, 2008


So a long time ago my friend asked if I could be her chinese M.C. for her wedding. Thinking it was no biggy I said yes. Now the wedding is tomorrow and I AM HYPERVENTALATING ALREADY!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna be introducing them as only Aunts and Uncles w/o needing to say their full name and title in chinese. I have to..... I go the list last weekend at the brides shower and since then I've been asking anyone I know who knows how to read chinese for help. My M.C. buddy was so wonderful in that he had written most of the speeches out. Last night we got together to decide who's gonna read what. I think we should be fine but I'm still nervous.......We haven't done a practice run yet!!!?! AHHHHHH! So I'll be going down to Calgary this afternoon with my friend, B. He's driving so I get to annoy him by making him listen to my speech! MWAAAHAHAHA!....wait.... I can't read in the car cuz I get headaches!!! I can't win!!!!!!
I got these form the shower! The theme was Racy and Tasty.

A cute lacy underwear with the phrase: make it racy and tasty ironed on it,tropical orange flovored condom, chapstick and some chocolates.

That's all for now, hopefully I can get lots of pics and the wedding to share.