Lil Rose Thorn

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Snowing

It has started to snow this week. Good thing I just got my winter tires in last week. ^_^

A co-worker of mine dropped in to the office today to show me some paper cutouts he did as decorations. They made me smile.

The Christmas rush has started......

Done: 2.3 scarves, 1.25 Mittenettes, -2 aprons, and -1 toque (that's suppose to be for myself)

Purchased: 4 gifts so far...

Budget: getting smaller ^_^

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Everything Costs So Much!

I juat came back from grocery shopping at Costco and Superstore and everything went up by $1-$2!!!!!! It's insane! Don't see my salary going up u_u .

On the brighter note I think I'm almost ready for Christmas. By that I did not mean I have all the presents ready, heavens no. (If there is anyone who is all done by now I want you to get away from me....go far far away!) I mean I'm slowly getting into the shopping spirit ^_^

I'm crocheting me a toque right now. Technically I should be able to finish it tonight but as you can see I'm typing right now and I tend to type w/ 2 hands therefore not gonna finish tonight ^_^ It's marroon colour.

25 days till I will be in H.K!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back from Falling off the Face of the Earth

Had a busy few weeks.

Finished the fingerless mitts for my cousin. The light blue and the medium blue don't really match but I like how they are different. Now ppl are gonna ask my cousin about her mitts and she can tell ppl that her little cousin made them for her ^_^.

Went wedding dress shopping with my friend. She tried on about 12 dresses and we have 4 that we liked so that is good. It would suck to spend half a day and not have a single thing we like. Next I think we should start looking for a venue fro the wedding ceremony ^)^ *hint hint*

Christmas is comming up and I'm really really behind on making stuffs for ppl. I have a few scarves and fingerlesss mitts on the go aand that's it.

Craftybean got me this last week for fun.

Then for my friend's b-day I got him these

That's all for now. Hopefull I will be able to blog sooner next time ^_^